About me

Malika Burieva was born in Miami, Florida, on February 11, 2002, to parents Najmiddin Buriev, an Uzbek-Turkmen Classical Singer from Samarkand of Turkmen origin, and Inobat Burieva (née Rahimberdieva), a former journalist of Samarkand Television Company from Katta Kurgan, Samarkand of Uzbek origin. Burieva showed talents in singing and public speaking from an early age, which her parents always encouraged. At the age of 7, Burieva moved from Miami, Florida, to Brooklyn, New York, due to the lack of Central Asians in her community. From her exposure to the Uzbek community in Brooklyn, she learned the Uzbek language. In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she began to post content on TikTok. Her first post regarding her heritage was on November 10, 2020, using a popular TikTok sound. The video now has 120,000 views. Since then, Burieva has been featured in magazines, newspapers, and on podcasts. Burieva is a senior attending Adelphi University, studying communications (with a journalism concentration) and minoring in graphic design. She is set to receive a Bachelor's in Communications in May 2024.

“I want this website to show the authenticity of my culture and myself as a first-generation American-Uzbek-Turkmen. I want others to understand the essence of Central Asian cultures and the beauty of it from my writing.”

Malika Burieva, creator of the Central Asian Chronicles.

“Malika Burieva is a voice we should all be listening to. … she hopes to amplify that message that no one should hide who they are for the sake of blending in, specifically using her voice to help Central Asian and Uzbek girls gain confidence in themselves.” - Overachiever Magazine.
“Malika said sharing her story and connecting with others is what motivates her to keep creating content.” - The Delphian.
“An all-American girl proud of her Central Asian background which she is tirelessly propagating. Listening to her will inspire you to be proud of your own ethnicity.” - An Immigrant’s Life Podcast.